Ângelo Girão


Considered the best roller hockey goalkeeper in the world, ÂNGELO GIRÃO currently plays for Sporting Clube de Portugal and the National Team.

Braga, Portugal
Lisboa, Portugal
Team Honda HRC
Fox Team Rider Since

In 2019 he won the Champions League and the Roller Hockey World Championship. Ângelo referred in an exclusive interview to Fittest “I work to reach the finals and I will fight for more victories like these”

He also stressed that this year he had the privilege of winning two fantastic titles, the Champions League and the World Championship, but that he does not feel fulfilled. “When a person wins, there is always a lot more desire to win the next one. If it is good to win the first one then the second one will be even better. This is the thought that we have to have because I work for this, to be in the decisions, to be able to to play in full, so I can play finals because that’s what makes me want to work harder. “

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