Bumper Hi-Temp

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Vulcanized rubber bumper, designed to be more durable than traditional bumpers.

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  • Composition: Vulcanized and recycled rubber discs
  • Inner diameter: 50mm
  • Total diameter: 45cm
**Bumper Hi-Temps are compatible with all 50mm diameter bars

These discs are extremely durable thanks to the use of recycled rubber. These Discs are prepared for a higher number of falls than traditional bumpers. It is a product widely used in functional training.



Tire production accounts for 70% of global rubber usage. In this sense, recycling plays a crucial role, allowing for a reduction in its production.

Through recycled rubber, several products are obtained, such as the Bumpers Hi-Temp FITTEST. Made from recycled vulcanized rubber, they are stronger than traditional bumpers and can even be recycled back into a new form of rubber.

Be rational and conscientious, join FITTEST in this challenge, sustainability starts in each one of us.

Planet Earth needs us and we need it!


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