Complete set of 5 Dorsal Handles

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Set of 5 back handles, each with unique lengths and hand positions to help you with your training routine

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Various types of adhesion​

Close Grip Pronate; Close Grip Supinate; Medium Grip Nature; Medium Grip Pronate; Wide Grip

Ergonomic Design ​

The handles are designed with rounded tops to help you get the most out of your weightlifting workouts. The shape of the handles takes tension out of your arms and puts more intensity on your back​


The non-slip coating makes it easy to lift weights without hurting your hands. It also gives you more stability and control.​


These handles are designed in high quality materials, for daily use and capable of supporting heavy weights. ​

Quick Fix

Each accessory has a small hole for fixing the cable. These accessories are compatible with most cable machines.

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Dimensions86 × 50 × 17 cm

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