Curved Running Treadmill PRO

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The most natural race ever. A curve-to-curve running treadmill where to run faster just speed up your pace (True Form)! Treadmill with self-generation of energy, being possible to use without any wire connected to the mains. It has no traction and offers incredible smoothness in running or walking, and can be used by all types of practitioners, from beginners to competitive athletes.

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The Fittest Equipment ® Curved Treadmill offers a non-motorized curved design that works through the energy produced by the user’s own movement.

The Curved Treadmill allows you to perform fundamental movements and exercises to reinforce all the skills that determine your level of physical fitness and athletic performance: power, speed and endurance. It is an ideal machine for HIIT training as it allows you to quickly switch between high and low intensity, similar to running on track.


15 degree curved design

The 15 degree curve challenges you to a full body workout, where you can burn up to 30% more calories than on a conventional treadmill.

The curved design mimics the natural walking pattern and reduces the impact of running.

The curved finisher mechanical system is quiet and smooth as there is no friction or wear of a conventional finisher.

Monitoring and performance

The console displays all the data needed to monitor your performance: calories | speed | time | distance | RPM



As there is no motor, there is also no need for electricity – great for the environment and your energy bills.

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190 x 95 x 70 cm


Fittest Equipment

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