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The Eco Elliptical is ideal for a simple and enjoyable full-body workout. The fluid movement reduces tension in muscles and joints, making it perfect for losing weight, toning and improving your coordination.

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Elipticas Eco offers smart features and an improved design for home users.


Heart rate monitoring

The central handgrips are equipped with new hand sensors that constantly monitor your heart rate, eliminating the need for a chest strap.

Training variety​

The central hand grips allow you to focus on your lower body, while the handlebars wrap around your arms, torso and legs for a total body workout.

Movement without impact​

Rear traction creates a fluid trajectory and smooth movement, reducing stress on muscles and joints.

Ellipticals offer a low-impact alternative to traditional running. Elliptical machines train the entire body, without putting too much strain on the muscles or joints. Eliptica Fittest is suitable for training at home. A home but professional workout with different intensity levels.

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