Kettlebell 8kg

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The Kettlebell 8Kg Competition has unique characteristics for superior performance. The smoothing of the forearm sockets in exercises like Clean or Jerk, and the Epoxy  coating translates into exceptional softness for the hand and helps to maintain a firm grip.

The 8Kg Fittest Kettlebell is part of our range of competition kettlebells with weights ranging from 8 to 32 kg..

If you want a more versatile equipment, that takes up less space and that adjusts to your training evolution, our Adjustable Kettlebell between 2 and 18Kg may be the ideal equipment for you.


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  • Composition: Epoxy coated steel
  • Color: Black with pink ribbons (8kg) | Blue (10kg) | Blue (12kg) | Yellow (16kg) | Violet (20kg) | Green (24kg) | Orange (28kg) | Red (32kg)
  • Clamping diameter:  33mm
As an alternative to the Kettlebells Competition, if you train at home, check out our Adjustable Kettlebell.

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Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 21 × 21 × 28 cm
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