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The Massage Gun is a massage gun that helps to increase blood flow and rebuild muscle mobility after long training / exercise sessions. With 6 accessories capable of activating your body’s nerve endings and its high-capacity battery, it will become a completely essential accessory for your health care.

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PROFESSIONAL MUSCLE MASSAGE GUN – The Fittest Massage Gun is a professional deep tissue massage tool designed to relieve muscle tension, back pain and stiffness. It speeds up blood flow and quickly eliminates lactic acids produced after training, significantly reducing muscle recovery time. The ideal gift for professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

POWERFUL HIGH-TORQUE MOTOR – This massage gun features a powerful brushless motor that delivers extreme performance and speeds up to 3200 RPM. A brushless motor has many benefits such as higher torque to weight ratio, greater reliability and less maintenance, longer service life, etc.

30 ADJUSTABLE SPEED AND 6 MASSAGE HEADS – Our Massage Gun features a multi-frequency vibration design, one button start and 20 adjustable speeds to meet the demands of all muscle relaxation. Six massage heads in different shapes can help the user to relax different parts of the body.

HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS AND NOISE REDUCTION DESIGN – This deep tissue massage accessory incorporates noise reduction technology that delivers high performance at very low noise levels, up to 60DB. Heads made from high quality EVA have excellent product characteristics compared to all other synthetic materials in terms of stability, flexibility, breathability, etc., and this material is more durable overall, resulting in longer service life.

2500 mAh POWERFULL BATTERY – The Massage Gun Fittest switches off automatically after 10 minutes of inactivity. With a powerful 2500 mAH / 25V rechargeable lithium ion battery, the running time is 3 hours.


The Fittest Massage Gun is part of a wide range of massage equipment we have for you.




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