Rip Trainer

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The Rip Trainer is essential for strengthening the core and increasing cardiovascular endurance

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The Rip Trainer employs an innovative drag cable system to create a variable and unbalanced load that allows you to develop core strength, explosive power, flexibility and endurance. The Rip Trainer is portable and can be used by virtually anyone anywhere, attaching it to any secure anchor point.


Strengthen the Core

The Rip Trainer is ideal for improving core strength and rotational power while increasing cardiovascular endurance

Training anywhere

Take your Rip Trainer anywhere with the Carrying Bag

Built to last

Featuring an industrial-strength carabiner, a nylon-coated drag cable, and foam handles

Setup is done in seconds and you’re ready for a fully customizable, full-body workout, including natural rotational movements and variable and unbalanced loading options.

What is included?

Make your body your machine!

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Weight2 kg
Dimensions20 × 20 × 20 cm
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