Smith 100 Plus

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The Smith 100 Plus is a comprehensive solution for every workout. Strength, power, weight training, muscular endurance, compound or isolation, plyometric, slow twitch, or fast twitch workout.

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The Smith 100 PLUS is simply the most versatile, robust and complete power machine


Jammer Arms

What sets this Smith apart from the rest is the unique and innovative addition of the Jammer Arms. These arms allow you to perform different exercises safely, making your workout even more complete. Possibility of loading arms with weight discs or through pulleys.

Adjustable Pulley​

A popular addition is the adjustable cable machine. These pulleys can be adjusted in various positions so that you can do the exercises from different heights. These types of cable exercises are very popular because they create continuous tension during the exercise movement.

Weight Stack

The Smith Machine has 2 massive 100kg weight stacks with a 2:1 ratio so you can continue to take your workouts to the next level

J-Hooks e Spotting Arms

It is possible to perform all compound exercises with a loose bar. For that you can use the adjustable J-Hooks and Spotting Arms for extra security.​


Smith Machine guides are constructed of solid steel. This is beneficial when it comes to durability but also for high quality training​


Keep your workout space tidy and clean with built-in storage of 6 disc holders and bar holder​


Equipped with an exercise chart for easy reference​

The all-in-one is loaded with the most diverse range of accessories ever launched to keep your workouts varied and maximize your floor space.


Your training is only limited by your imagination!​

Barbell Twist
Standing Chest Press
Barbell Seated Press
Barbell Squat
T-Bar Boat-Barrow
Barbell Bent-Overrow
Barbell Twist
Lateral Raise
Decline Pectoral Fly
Flat Pectoral Fly
Incline Pectoral Fly
Back Torgue Line
Standing Biceps Curl
Push Down
Parrallel Bars Support
Pull Up
Lat Pull-Down
Chest Press with ar
Rotational Bar
Bench Leg Press
Crossover Lateral Raise

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