TT4 Squat Stand

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The Squat Stand TT4 is, of the entire Squat Stand range, the most versatile. With a pull-up bar so you can safely perform all your pull-ups and muscle-ups; a pair of adjustable J-Cups for different exercises and even several storage solutions for Bars and Bumpers.

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The Squat Stand TT4 is a versatile training station as it offers a Pull-up Bar to allow you to safely perform exercises, a pair of J-Hooks, Disc Holders or Bumpers and now with two Bar Holders and Band Pegs for Resistance Training



The Squat Stand TT1 comes with J-Hooks. Both are lined with a thin layer of rubber to prevent metal-to-metal contact and protect your bar. Both are capable of supporting 225kg​


Equipped with 1cm holes with 4.3cm spacing. This allows you to set your J-Hooks at the perfect height for your specific needs! Adjustments are easy, so finding the right height is quick and simple!​


They include solid and certified materials in production, as well as the proper size of construction to ensure convenience and comfort during exercise​


The steel tube and bidirectional screw system at the base of the Squat Stand create an exceptionally strong structure to support any weight​

Pull Up Bar

The Pull Up bar provides balance and can be adjusted to the desired height​


So that you can keep your training space clean and organized, the Squat Stand TT3 includes two lateral supports for storing discs or bumpers, and two supports for bars

Band Peg

Band Peg accessories are great for adding resistance training to your routine. Simply attach to the frame in a stable position