The 3 essential products in Physiotherapy

Pedro Roque represents FisioRoque, a brand that was born and raised to bring an elite quality health service and integrated physiotherapy

Braga, Portugal
Lisboa, Portugal
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Pedro talks about the benefits of being associated with Fittest and how the brand’s equipment has helped in his physiotherapy work “They are the best products and the best choice I made in the selection of equipment”. Also talk about the products you like to use the most ”from all Fittest products that I try to use to the fullest to use my imagination. Fittet has all the solutions ”.

The Fittest team suggested to Pedro Roque that the products he uses the most are selected.

Find out more about the three products selected here:

1- Balance Trainer

The first product that Pedro selected was the Balance Treiner, in which he states: “I use it for all types of stability and balance training that I can do with athletes and non-athletes who are in a more advanced stage of treatment. We can use the platform in 2 positions and this is an advantage because we can go to various levels of intensity and difficulty and can also accumulate elastics all a panoply of tools that you can use according to your imagination. ”

2-Elastic Bands

Secondly, the physiotherapist chose to speak of the elastic bands: “The fittest has elastic bands with various intensities and I do not dismiss them because with them I can do a lot of stabilization work, such as shoulders, or also Core stability, approximation or sprint starts for speed athletes, so this is a spectacular tool ”

3- Resistance Elastics

Pedro also makes reference to the resistance elastics and says that: “Nothing better to do exercises that we can apply a more ballistic force, stabilizing shoulder exercises, to do shoulder stabilizations”

Fittest once again asserts itself as a versatile equipment brand and adapted to various types of physical functionality.

Thank you Pedro Roque for your opinion!