Adjustable Dumbbells 6.6kg

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Adjustable 6.6 kg dumbbells (maximum weight per dumbbell) with quick adjustment for additional stimulation. Adjusts weight in just 1 second!

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Using small, easy-to-handle iron discs, weighing approximately 1.20kg, you can put weight on the adjustable dumbbells and secure them using a red sliding tab.

Each side of the dumbbell can hold up to 5 weights, which means that a dumbbell can weigh a maximum of 6.6 kg.

As a result, this dumbbell is suitable for home exercises, particularly arm strengthening exercises. However, dumbbells can also help you strengthen your abdomen and pectorals.

Thanks to the adjustable weight, they can be used by multiple users, regardless of physical fitness.

The set includes a polypropylene stand to hold both dumbbells for easy transport and storage.

Weight (LBS)2.0 lbs4.5 lbs7.0 lbs9.5 lbs12.0 lbs14.5 lbs
Weight(KG)0.87 kg2.0 kg3.2 kg4.3 kg5.5 kg6.6 kg
The amount0 PCS1 PCS*22 PCS*23 PCS*24 PCS*25 PCS*2
  • Composition: Iron & Wood
  • Grip: 34mm
If adjustable wooden dumbbells aren’t right for your physical condition, we have a full range of adjustable and conventional dumbbells.

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Weight14 kg
Dimensions37 × 40.5 × 18 cm
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