Elastic Bands Pack

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Resistance Elastic Bands Pack, also known as resistance bands or elastic rubbers and available with various resistance levels, are fitness accessories that are increasingly integrated into all workout routines. They are easy to use, easy to carry and allow for a wide variety of toning exercises.

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  • Package Consisting of: 1x Very Light (9kg – red) | 1x Light (15kg – black) | 1x Medium (25kg – lilac) | 1x Strong (38kg – green) | 1x very strong (45 kg – blue)
  • Material: 100% latex
  • Color: red, black, lilac, green and blue
  • Diameter: 105 cm
  • Resistors: Very light (9kg – red) | Light (15kg – black) | Medium (25kg – lilac) | Strong (38kg – green) | Very strong (45 kg – blue)

Resistance elastic bands are very simple accessories that have a number of important advantages and benefits.

Among them, the following stand out:

  • They are economical, easy to transport, store and ideal for training at home
  • Serve to work all muscle groups
  • Add a variety of moves to workouts
  • They are very effective as part of a rehab program.

Additional information

Weight1 kg

Fittest Equipment

Pack composto por

1x Very Light (9kg – vermelho), 1x  Light (15kg – preto), 1x  Medium (25kg – lilás), 1x  Strong (38kg – verde), 1x  Very Strong (45kg – azul)