Single Row Accessory

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Single Row is the best accessory for barbell rowing exercises. Increase your range of motion through side raises, single arm rows and various core exercises.

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Increase range of motion with this simple accessory


Steel construction

The unique landmine handle is constructed of all steel for durability and longevity, along with the black anti-corrosion energy cover so you can enjoy your workout.

Rubber coating

The rubber grip gives you a solid grip even with sweaty hands. In addition, rubber material is more comfortable for your hands than cold steel.

Compatible with Olympic bars

Sleeve opening is compatible with any standard 50mm Olympic bar, great for athletes with higher levels of fitness

Versatile workouts

Ideal for multiple workouts, they help to increase your range of motion during workouts. Perfect for single arm landmine rows, meadow rows, single deadlifts and glute bridge presses, and more

Easy installation

The design makes it quick and effortless to install the single row accessory to other accessories for a more complete workout

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Dimensions14 × 5.7 × 10.7 cm