Squat Stand TT2

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The Squat Stand TT2 is a bar support station with manual adjustment by J Cup Hooks. This equipment is focused on isolated exercises such as: squats, overhead barbell lifts and bench press. Widely used in powerlifting, strongman, weightlifting and weight training.


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Designed to offer unmatched stability, strength and versatility, the Squat Stand TT2 is the perfect rack for any gym and Home Gym



The Squat Stand TT1 comes with J-Hooks. Both are lined with a thin layer of rubber to prevent metal-to-metal contact and protect your bar. Both are capable of supporting 225kg​


Equipped with 1cm holes with 4.3cm spacing. This allows you to set your J-Hooks at the perfect height for your specific needs! Adjustments are easy, so finding the right height is quick and simple!


They include solid and certified materials in production, as well as the proper size of construction to ensure comfort and comfort during exercise​


The steel tube and bidirectional screw system at the base of the Squat Stand create an exceptionally strong structure to support any weight​

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Weight70 kg
Dimensions125 × 128 × 196 cm

6x6x3mm, 7.5×7.5×7.5


21 x 130 x 25 cm


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