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he GHD ECO Bench is a complete Core training machine that is fully adjustable and adjustable. Gym exercises, with only the body weight, which stimulate the development of the hamstrings, glutes, lumbars, anterior thighs and the entire rectus abdominis. The GHD provides stability and support while performing sit-ups and lower back stretches so you can work without falling or leaning over.

We also have the GHD Premium model available for order, a more complete version of the GHD ECO Bank.

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Triangular base design and front strap set. The ankle pads are horizontally adjustable in 2.5cm increments and the vertical position is at an ideal angle for any type of athlete.

  • Material: Steel construction with microtextured finish, rubber handles and foam pad covered in faux leather
  • Color: Black
  • Diameter: variable depending on the weight and air contained.


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Weight70 kg
Dimensions170 × 90 × 100 cm

117 x 62 x 54 cm


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